Cayman Islands Government Anti-Fraud Policy

Cayman Islands Government

Anti-Fraud Policy

In an effort to promote good governance, maintain a culture of honesty and high ethics the Cayman Islands Government has rolled out a new Anti-Fraud Policy government-wide.

The policy covers the prevention, detection and remediation of fraud, corruption and dishonesty. The service can be used by anyone in the Cayman Islands or overseas, as a platform to report any suspected fraudulent incidents or claims safely with total confidentiality and anonymity

The 3 ways any individual can report unethical concerns are:

Communications Country Contact details
Hotline South Africa 1800 534 1111
South Africa
South Africa

The whistle-blowers tipline is located overseas and operated by the accounting firm KPMG. All calls will be monitored and answered overseas by a KPMG entity trained operator. Upon making the call, the tipster will receive a tracking number which has to be mentioned should the person wish to re-contact the toll-free number for updates.

Leaders behind the policy would like to reiterate that whistle-blowers who use these platforms will have complete anonymity and are therefore protected. At the same time, all claims or allegations made will be investigated by the Internal Audit Service, and the authorities strongly discourage frivolous or malevolent tips.